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November 29, 2021

Families Are Becoming More Complex, But Laws Haven't Kept Pace - STEP

The world is becoming more complicated in certain ways, and that includes families and living

Trust Estate
September 20, 2021

As Inflation Worries Grow, Time For Charitable Lead Trusts?

The author of this article examines what tools wealth managers working with HNW clients can and

Trust Estate
July 30, 2021

Envestnet Adds Alaska-Based Firm To Trust Service Exchange

The trusts services platform enables clients to create a trust in a specific jurisdiction - such as

Trust Estate
May 7, 2021

HNW Investors In Tax Firing Line - Wealth Managers' Comments

Householders making more than $400,000 are going to see higher taxes, putting a premium on smart

Trust Estate
May 5, 2021

As World Evolves, So Must Your Family Legacy Plan

The author argues that business succession planning is not just about building and transitioning

Trust Estate
February 25, 2021

Envestnet Offering Aims To Ease Estate, Trust Planning Pain

At a time when inter-generational wealth transfer – amounting to tens of trillions of dollars –

Trust Estate
January 27, 2021

Estate, Tax Planning Top US Family Office Priorities

The private client law firm, which works with family offices and other wealthy clients, said estate

Trust Estate
January 13, 2021

Politics, Markets Create Super-Busy Tax, Estate Planning Season

Now that the Senate races are over, we take another look at the tax and estate planning landscape

Trust Estate
January 12, 2021

Pandemic Sharpens Estate Planning Awareness - Wide Gaps Remain

As historical examples show, out-of-date wills, sloppy or non-existent estate planning and a

Trust Estate
January 5, 2021

Estate Tax Planning Holds Sway, Eyes On Georgia

FWR continues its conversations with wealth managers following last November's elections and with

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Trust Estate
December 17, 2021

Choosing Your Estate Attorney – Part 1

This is the first half of a two-part article looking at the process of hiring an estate attorney

Trust Estate
December 1, 2021

Should You Give Your Trustees A Test Run First?

The author of this article, a prominent figure in the industry, argues that testing trustees makes

Trust Estate
August 6, 2021

Wealth, Business Transfer Talks - Starting Is The Hardest Part

We read a lot about "intergenerational wealth transfer" but it is important to note that the most

Trust Estate
July 6, 2021

Who Gets My Bitcoin (And Other Blockchain Assets)?

The rise of digital assets such as bitcoin raises a number of questions, such as how to tax and

Trust Estate
November 30, 2020

Translating Private Foundations To Common Law World

There are reasons to be optimistic about transplantating the private foundation to the common law

Trust Estate
November 16, 2020

Talking About Wealth: Interview With Jennifer Risher

How can families adjust to making a fortune without bending normal relationships out of shape and

Trust Estate
October 29, 2020

What’s In A Name? Handling Intellectual Property In Life And Death

This article delves into the world of intellectual property rights and how these fit into areas

Trust Estate
July 27, 2020

Art Markets are Bullish:  What's The Value Of Art In Your Estate?

Holding artworks as part of an estate raises a number of considerations when it comes to transfer,

Trust Estate
April 14, 2020

Navigating Complexities Of Fairness And Equality In Family Enterprises

Treating family members equally is not always the same as treating them fairly, and vice versa. To

Trust Estate
February 17, 2020

The Rise Of The Convenience Generation

This article argues that the younger generation of HNW individuals prizes convenience over chasing