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December 16, 2015

Three More Swiss Banks Shake On Deals Over Secret US Accounts

Three more non-prosecution agreements have been signed, including by Dreyfus, one of the oldest

December 10, 2015

Guest Article: How Wealthy Individuals Can Strategically Gift Education

Here is a detailed article by Elizabeth Bawden and Dina Nam of Withers Bergman, going through

December 9, 2015

Swiss Bank Settles With US Authorities To Avoid Prosecution

AKB joins the array of banks that have already reached deals under the Swiss Bank Program.

December 4, 2015

EDITORIAL COMMENT: OECD's Comments On Corp Taxes Miss A Fundamental Truth

The OECD has described a pattern of falling receipts from corporate taxes and more burdens on

December 1, 2015

Campaign Group Condemns Proposal To Seize US Passports As Tax Enforcement Measure

A proposal - which could become law imminently - to seize passports of expats who allegedly haven't

October 30, 2015

Four Swiss Banks Reach Deals With DoJ

Each bank has agreed to cooperate with the DoJ and pay penalties in return for the department's

October 26, 2015

Another Resolution Is Reached With DoJ Under Swiss Bank Program

Piguet Galland & Cie joins the dozens of Swiss private banks that have avoided criminal prosecution

October 19, 2015

Swiss Private Bank Signs NPA With Justice Department

The Swiss private banking arm of Spain's BBVA Group is the latest to reach a resolution under the

August 24, 2015

DoJ Settles With Two More Swiss Banks

The US Department of Justice, in its vigorous pursuit of hidden offshore accounts, has shaken on

August 20, 2015

BNY Mellon Creates Senior Role For Global Tax Services

The US banking and financial services group has named a leader for its global tax services

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