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January 3, 2017

Swiss Bank Clarifies Statement Over Tax Compliance Program

The Zurich-listed firm has sought to clarify comments it made earlier last month about its status

November 18, 2016

GUEST ARTICLE: A Walk Around Trump's, GOP's Tax Plans For HNW Individuals

With Donald Trump elected as next president and the Republicans in control of Congress, there is a

November 9, 2016

Argentina, Chile Sign Bilateral Tax Agreement

The South American nations said the agreement will help prevent tax avoidance while boosting

October 28, 2016

Panama Signs Convention On Tax Transparency

The country has committed to cooperating with the international community on transparency.

October 27, 2016

GUEST ARTICLE: The EU Locks Horns With US Business Titan Over Tax - University Professor

The European Union's recent ruling that Apple pay a huge penalty stemming from what had been a

May 13, 2016

China, India, Other Nations Enter Global Pact To Foil Corporate Tax Avoiders

Six nations, including two "BRICs", have signed a global arrangement to make it harder for

May 6, 2016

US Intensifies Focus On Anonymous Firms After Panama Papers Saga - Report

The US is reportedly clamping down on "anonymous companies" following the release of the Panama

May 2, 2016

Public Registers Of Beneficial Ownership Not Magic Bullet Against Dirty Money - Study

A report by an academic, which focuses on ways of combatting money laundering and tax evasion,

April 21, 2016

GUEST ARTICLE: Visa Pains - Creating A US Taxable Estate By Accident

The US EB-5 Visa Program is an example of a "golden visa" regime, which a number of countries

March 8, 2016

US Turns Sights On Singapore In Hunt For Tax Cheats - Law Firm

A New York/Washington DC law firm has taken a closer look at a case brewing in Asia that pits US

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