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New Thought Leadership: The Role of Technology in ESG InvestingĀ 

Editorial Staff

21 October 2021

A forthcoming webinar and white paper by InvestCloud and WealthBriefing/Family Wealth Report will explore what may be the most exciting intersection in sectoral developments today: the role that technology can play in helping wealth managers deliver environmental, social and governance-focused investing in a consistent, compliant and operationally efficient way.

The rising importance and appeal of ESG investing brings great opportunities for wealth managers to engage with investors and differentiate themselves amid increasing competition more effectively. However, it also introduces multiple challenges – including the operational complexities of constructing, managing, and reporting on portfolios that align with investors’ deeply held principles and their financial objectives. To ensure that firms capitalize on the opportunities, technology has to be leveraged to guarantee that ESG is a source of reward, rather than a risk, cost, or both.

Wealth management professionals can discover what the future of ESG investing looks like and how leading firms are already applying new technologies to achieve a real edge on ESG by signing up here to attend on Wednesday October 27 at 8:30 GMT/9:30 CET/15:30 SGT. 

Getting an edge on ESG  
Our webinar features Wendy Spires , Dr Boris Rankov , Ian Woodhouse and Dr Felix Brill in a discussion of how technology can help wealth managers embed ESG into their offerings.  

Our forthcoming white paper, The Role of Technology in ESG Investing and Investment Strategies will be a must-read for any wealth management professional who wants to know what a truly tech-enabled ESG practice looks like. 

Among the topics, it takes a deeper dive into how to achieve deep and dynamic client discovery in ESG, which encompasses implicit and explicit preferences; how to assemble portfolios intelligently with ESG as your “lens”; and how adverse media screening contributes to confidence in investment due diligence and monitoring in a world still finding its feet on ESG ratings. 

Register for your copy here.