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Digital Digest: The Latest Tech News - City National Bank, InvestLink

Editorial Staff, October 3, 2019


The latest compliance news: regulatory developments, punishments, guidance, permissions and new product and service offerings.

Datafaction, an accounting software affiliate of City National Bank, the US bank, has introduced InvestLink, a new investment integration capability. 

InvestLink enables City National clients, such as business managers and family wealth offices, to integrate investment data more easily into their general ledgers in AgilLinkSM so that they can create comprehensive, consolidated reports for their clients. 

The new offering cuts manual data entry, improves data quality and reporting, and streamlines operations. 

“InvestLink enables the seamless connection of investment data with the day-to-day financial management activities into one single view of a client’s complete net worth,” said Verna Grayce Chao, executive vice president and head of the bank’s Treasury Services division. “With this fully automated solution, we’ve solved the challenge of translating investment information into accounting records,” Grayce added.

InvestLink integrates investment data into AgilLinkSM, Datafaction’s accounting solution. Using a secure connection, InvestLink pulls investment positions and transaction information from hundreds of investment sources every night. A firm can create consolidated, up-to-date balance sheets that include both investment and financial information.

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