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Updated Forward Features Schedule To June 2020

Editorial Staff, July 15, 2019


Here is our latest revised forward features list for this year running into 2020.

Here is the forward features list update for Family Wealth Report out to July 2020. This list is not exhaustive and readers who want to engage with the team here editorially on other topics are certainly welcome to get in touch. To contact us about submitting comments and material, please email Tom Burroughes at tom.burroughes@wealthbriefing.com and Jackie Bennion at Jackie.bennion@clearviewpublishing.com
Real estate investing – new trends, structures (use of listed vehicles, direct investing and club deals), examining what sectors are hot and which are cooling down. 

Technology and the role of the advisor. This would address how developments such as around Big Data, artificial intelligence, etc, are helping advisors to be more effective in finding clients, retaining them, serving them and increasing their overall productivity. It would address the whole issue of is tech more a threat or help to human advisors, and look at how different parts of the wealth industry are affected.

Family offices and how this sector is evolving around the world – matters such as outsourcing, finding external expertise; managing family disputes; handling complex asset allocation mixes; bill and cash management, dealing with liquidity events, building in-house technology solutions, collaborating with other family offices, etc.

Philanthropy and giving. This will involve an examination of a series of areas concerning philanthropy, such as the structures used in making transfers, issues around reporting, accountability, measurement of results, and how philanthropy is used to forge relationships and strengthen existing ones. We can also consider how some people try to manipulate their public image with philanthropy, and consider reputational issues stemming from that.

Luxury goods and collectibles; concierge business models; the use of luxury goods/experiences in branding, building client loyalty.

Private client legal issues in wealth management – trends such as managing intergenerational wealth transfer, divorce and family breakups, guardianships and duty of care requirements (including powers of attorney); reputation management and protecting privacy; advice to high net worth immigrants on “citizenship-by-investment” programs.January

Taking a look at business models: What does true independence mean and consist of? What models may arise in future? Views from practitioners. Is the broker-dealer approach retreating? How will M&A and private equity deals in the space affect clients? 

Looking at international financial centers – how do the likes of Delaware, New Hampshire and South Dakota fit in? Talk to some practitioners about developments, legal and structural issues, whether the US is ironically something of an offshore center in some ways, etc. 

ESG/Impact investing; women-driven investment and governance; developments around how ESG investment performs and is communicated to the end-client.

Succession planning, business transitions – next-gen concerns.

A look at talent management, recruitment, HR questions, training and education, diversity in the workforce, work-life balance issues.

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