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The North American wealth management market is one of the largest and most diverse in the world, and is markedly different from those in Europe and the Asia-Pacific region. Multi and single family offices in particular are a well-entrenched, integral part of the wealth management landscape.

Family Wealth Report provides "need to know" business intelligence in a convenient and easy-to-read format - straight to subscribers' inboxes every day. Nowhere else will you find such high quality, in-depth and often exclusive content all in one place. Family Wealth Report content comes from both our own dedicated editorial team as well as leading industry professionals, helping subscribers stay on top of all the important developments relating to wealth management, family offices, and the HNW/UHNW sectors in North America.

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What subscribers are saying about Family Wealth Report:

"Family Wealth Report is vital to help me stay current on the world of private wealth. Each daily issue contains invaluable analysis and insight, giving us the breadth of perspective we all need to help families manage their wealth."

Leslie Voth, President and Chief Operating Officer, PITCAIRN FAMILY OFFICE

What subscribers are saying about Family Wealth Report:

"Family Wealth Report’s insightful analysis keeps us at the forefront of developments affecting wealth management and family office professionals, and we regard it as a must-read for anyone who needs to know what industry leaders are thinking."

Charles Lowenhaupt, Chairman, CEO & President, LOWENHAUPT GLOBAL ADVISORS

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Private Client Resources

GUEST ARTICLE: Checklist For Success When Looking For An Outsourced Provider

Private Client Resources gives a "checklist for success" when it comes to pursuing an outsourced solution.

Private Client Resources

20 December 2013

Eliane Chavagnon

INTERVIEW: Helping Wealthy Families Maintain The Art Of Communication

Holding regular, face-to-face family meetings can help families to overcome some of the issues that can cause their wealth to dissipate over generations, says Claudia Sangster of CTC Consulting | Harris myCFO.

Eliane Chavagnon

5 December 2013

Susan Dauber

EXPERT VIEW: The "Third Pillar" Of Effective Year-End Tax Planning In Philanthropy

This is the first of a two-part article looking at tax planning and philanthropy issues. It is written by Susan Dauber, philanthropic advisor with Strategic Philanthropy.

Susan Dauber

30 September 2013

Eliane Chavagnon

INTERVIEW: UBS On Being Most But Not All Things To Ultra-Wealthy People

Ultra high net worth clients are interested in intellectual capital and sophisticated capabilities - they dont need to be sold anything, says John Mathews, head of UBS Private Wealth Management.

Eliane Chavagnon

7 October 2013

Joe Reilly

Exclusive Q&A On James Grubman's New Book About How Families Adapt To Wealth Across Generations

This month, Joe Reilly goes back to interview Dr James Grubman of FamilyWealth Consulting, about his new book: Strangers in Paradise: How Families Adapt to Wealth Across Generations.

Joe Reilly

11 December 2013

Marc Odo

Guest Opinion: Diversification In The Age Of Globalisation

Marc Odo, director of research at software and business intelligence firm Informa Investment Solutions, discusses why diversification failed during the credit crisis.

Marc Odo

25 March 2013